Attlee Foundation

““Tracey is a person of the highest integrity. Her ethical values are impeccable. She was meticulous in carrying out a wide range of duties, from complex financial controls to managing a mix of salaried and voluntary staff, across a number of disciplines. An important part of her role was to build upon an established successful relationship with the local community, encouraging them to recognise the value of the Centre and take up the many educational and leisure opportunities it offered.   I would single out the particular support which she gave to the local women’s community, many of whom would otherwise lead isolated lives without much social interaction.

Tracey also had to maintain a good relationship with benefactors and donors as well as the local authority, since the charity was heavily dependent upon their good will to sustain its work.

n all her relationships she demonstrated a depth of human understanding, sympathy and good humour. She was well liked and respected by all the Trustees who were members of the Board in my time as chair”.

Derek Wood CBE, QC – Chair of the Attlee Foundation

Women’s Health and Family Services

“I have found Tracey to be very professional, reliable, hardworking, organised and plans her work meticulously. More recently, Tracey has been contracted with me on funding bids with a very good success rate. She is approachable and a pleasure to work with. Tracey has many skills and a vast amount of strategic management experience which is a real asset for those who have the opportunity to work with her. Great to work with Tracey as she is an inclusive person and a real Team player!”

Sharon Hanooman, CEO

“Exceptional leadership skills sit alongside a genuine passion for people. Tracey’s understanding of the rudimentary tenements of budgets, business strategy and business planning for the third sector means her approach to complex situations and delicate problem solving is down to earth and meticulous. I loved working with her.   She remains a touchstone for ideas and straight-talking – a reliable, thorough and highly competent professional all the way”.

Stella Kanu, Executive Director, London International Festival of Theatre (LIFT)

Account 3

“Tracey is an inspiring CEO, offering clear strategic direction, excellent understanding of fundraising, finance and sustainability alongside supportive people skills and the ability to think outside of the box. She also has a sense of humour and is a good communicator which makes working together a pleasure”.

Toni Meredrew,  CEO

“Tracey Fletcher has extensive senior level experience in the areas of regeneration,  third sector organisations, income generation, community, facility development and management. She is equipped with well- developed and wide ranging negotiating and influencing skills.  Tracey has managed large budgets and has well developed financial and analytical skills. She is an experienced partnership developer and facilitator, possessing an extensive and well respected record of leadership and managing and motivating staff and peers, particularly through periods of change and complex initiatives.A positive and enthusiastic person, Tracey thrives on challenges, she is versatile and resilient, and will bring a high degree of energy, enthusiasm and motivation to any task or challenge”

Keren Miller, Phoenix Community Housing

Vauxhall City Farm

“Tracey is an inspirational leader in our sector; she has a dynamic approach to working with charities, which produces optimum results.  She has extensive experience of governance, business planning and income generation to name but a few. Anyone who is fortunate to work with Tracey would very quickly recognise the experience and skills she contributes to their organisation.”

Monica Tyler, CEO

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